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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Dear Husband...a word if I may (part 2)

Yes, protect her because as strong as she is, if she breaks it will be fatal or very debilitating. If a rib breaks you can almost be sure that it will puncture one of the internal organs. Men, if your wife breaks, you can be sure you will feel the effect and it will be painful. If the rib is bruised it will inhibit movement and be very uncomfortable. If she’s uncomfortable, you should be, if she’s hurting, hurt with her and care for her. Be careful what you say because as strong as she is, hurt her enough times and she will eventually break.
Men, if your rib is bruised, the whole body will give testament to the pain. Same. You want to know the value of your woman? Look at how your house survives when she is ill or away or down. If your rib is hurting, you don’t start saying why did you allow blah blah to happen, you simply sit or lie down and take it easy till they are healed. If you have a rib injury there is always an external force responsible and you will always attribute the injury to that external force. Dear husband, why then do you insist on blaming and berating your wife for everything? Sometimes, an ‘I hope you are ok’ is better than’ But I told you not to do that’. It takes two to tango, you know? From time to time she also needs to relax and have a vacation. She needs a break sometimes. Don’t forget to thank and appreciate her. Do you know that being a mother and wife is about the most thankless job you can ever imagine.
We want to please you, so please appreciate us. Let us know that our labour of love is appreciated. There is nothing so sad as an under-appreciated woman. Sometimes, all we need you to do is hold us in your big strong arms and we’ll be alright. 

And, hey don’t forget...Love conquers all!

And for those of you men who think the perfect man doesn't exist, here's irrefutable proof that he does! 


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