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Friday, 20 July 2012

The Art of Wifehood - lessons from a 'rib' (part 3)

    2. Woman, you are your husband's PROTECTOR.

    The Rib protects the heart, lungs and other internal organs of the thorax.

Woman, protect your man especially in prayer. Protect his weaknesses, his fears, his deepest darkest secrets. Protect his interests and his vulnerabilities. Just as in order to harm the heart you have to go through the ribs first so also woman, before anyone can get to your man in any way, they must go through you and through the shield of prayer and protection you have erected around him.

Protect the core of his being, protect and thereby nurture his dreams and inspirations. No matter how inconsequential it may seem now, protect it. Remember, never despise the days of little beginning. Remember Samson and Delilah? Now she is not a prime example of a good wife, BUT they had to go through her to get to Samson. She did not protect his secret and that was what was used to get to him. Do not underestimate the power God has given you, woman, but DO NOT abuse it. Your true power lies in submission (another topic entirely!). The rib protects the heart, woman protect your man’s identity and the essence of who he is.

The rib is constant, never moving, never leaving, and never changing except to grow in line with the rest of the body. Woman, stick to your husband’s side and grow with him as he grows. As you pray for changes in him you also must change and grow...it is and will always be a 2-way street. When the rest of the organs are falling apart, the ribs do not follow suit. If your man seems to be falling apart whether due to a loss or difficulties, whatever it is, cover him and stand by him. Hold him, comfort him, love him and where necessary give him space to get himself back together. Like it or not woman, sometimes you will have to be the one to hold it all together when all around you seems to be falling apart. I wish for you the strength and the discipline to do so.

(one more to go...Guys, I'm coming for you after that!)

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