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Friday, 20 July 2012

The Art of Wifehood - lessons from a 'rib' (part 4)

           3.  Woman, you are your husband's SUPPORT and sometimes you will have 
               to support your entire family.   

            The rib may provide support and protection for the entire body in some 

Support him, be his biggest cheerleader. You may not always like it or agree with it, but remember we just talked about covering, support him. (So long as it is not evil). Sometimes, you may have a better idea which he may not want to accept, support him in his idea and in time he will see the benefit of yours. If he doesn’t and it becomes obvious you were right...remember, shut it. Do not say ‘I told you so’. I have a personal policy with all my friends, no matter how many times I may be right, I never ever say...’I told you so’ to them. They've already realized it - sometimes too late - but there's no need to rub it in, that’s just petty.

Support his dreams and his aspirations; support his hope, his ideas, and his initiatives. Stand by him. Be a stalwart support. An example (I love using examples ‘cos they explain far better sometimes) is the Obamas, whenever Barack Obama was on the campaign trail, you can bet it that Michelle would be there always. She was constantly voicing her support for him wherever she went. I mean if a man’s wife was not supporting his convictions or dreams and ambitions, I’d be worried. You may not realize it woman, but there is no greater affirmation or expression of confidence that a man can receive than one from his you, his wife. Your words, woman, matter A LOT to your man. Make sure you are speaking LIFE and encouragement to your man. But you know, the rib does this particular function in some not all animals, this means that sometimes (with wisdom) you need to fall silent. Ever hear of Herman Cain, Candidate for the 2012 U.S. Republican Party presidential nomination? He withdrew from the campaign. Want to know why? Well, it seems allegations of sexual misconduct were made against him by 4 women. He said his decision on whether or not to withdraw would be based on his wife. He withdrew. She couldn’t support his campaign anymore obviously and he withdrew. For whatever reasons, that was her choice. Woman, YOU can make or mar your man...which is going to be?

Also, protect the family, your husband and children, that God gives you. In prayer, love, caring and nurturing. Again, this function is carried out in some not all animals. That means that you protect your children as much as you can but there will come times when you have to LET GO and let them make their mistakes, even when they are little. Example, my nephew is always jumping off the stairs or running and no mater how many times he is admonished he keeps at it. You know, some lessons are best learnt by yourself. He has tripped while running indoors, and was cuddled while crying. He still runs sometimes but the hurt from falling while running or jumping and hitting his leg on a toy he left around remains with him and he listens much much more when admonished now. It is the same, mama bear, sometimes...just step back and watch but with arms open wide waiting to pick them up. Like the lioness, you have to go through her to get to her cubs but when the lions are grown and go to form their own prides, she lets them go. When they say they are going to uni, moving out or getting married, shed bucket loads of tears, hug them, kiss them, bless them, wish them well and let them go; and just keep loving them from where you are.

Dear Wife,
Step into your role today and watch your man and your babies become people to be reckoned with. Take lessons from the rib and watch and see the change in your family. I wish you a blissful marriage and home as you step into this realisation that the power to make a successful home lies in your hands. And I wish you unending strength and patience and above all love to deal with whatever the man and the babies throw at you, you’ll need it!
Lots of love Ngee

(Now...guys..you’re up!)

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